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Our company was formed to offer affordable and practical space-saving furniture system solutions to home, office, hostel, hotel and dormitory owners and tenants in Singapore who are facing increasing constraints in their living space.

We have started on wall beds as our prime specialty. Our wall beds are all designed and originated right from the Europe. We are the exclusive distributor for both an Italian wall bed and UK wall bed component manufacturers in Singapore. This is to ensure the safety and warranties for our wall beds are of high international standards, and not to be compromised for low price.

Our add-on such as bookshelves, cupboards, study desk and mattress are sourced and manufactured in Singapore.


Our UK wall beds come with a 3-year warranty for the spring mechanisms and a 2-year warranty for the Italian wall beds with gas piston mechanisms.  The mattresses have longer period of warranty from 5 - 15 years. Our Wall beds have been rigorously tested for safe operations, for thousands of cycles. This has been verified by our United Kingdom and Italian Wall Bed manufacturers, as well as us. 


We have had prior years of experience in project management, design and development, financial planning and management accounting, and marketing expertise to set up Space-Saving Furniture Systems Pte Ltd; with the mission of providing affordable and practical space-saving furniture to every home in Singapore to alleviate the shrinking household living space for the masses.  We are striving to accomplish our mission through best sourcing for the best prices for materials, labour and shipping to give you the best deal in terms of quality and price, for your space-saving furniture need. To cater for varying needs from different customers, we are offering a variety of single-function wall beds as well as multi-function wall beds with sofa, study desk, display shelves, book shelves and dining table. Our customers can also choose from ready-made cabinet design to custom-made cabinet design including wardrobe, cupboard, bookshelves and other cabinet design to suit their requirement and budget.


With the trend of building more small size apartments and shoe box units in recent years, we have seen the demand for space in Singapore rising rapidly.  Acquiring space-saving furniture to free up more space, home owners or tenants can better utilise the increased space for multi- functional use in their daily activities, thereby attaining better comfort and quality living in their homes.


You can thus be reassured of a very good night’s rest while having enough space for joyous living activities in the day.