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Bunk Beds - Classic Vertical Twin Wallbeds

Bunk Beds - Classic Vertical Twin Wallbeds
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Bunk Beds - Classic Vertical Twin Wallbeds

 * This product, & our Italian WallBeds, products are fully designed, manufactured, and assembled in Italy.
Brand name: SmartBeds. By Colombo 907 of Italy.

Our European Wallbeds/Tables are hot off the shelves, and direct from Europe. So, you can be reassured of their safety, reliability, and ease of use.

They have a 2 year warranty from our manufacturer and a 50,000 and above cycle test for each wallbed.

This meets the stringent European requirements for the safety specifications of the wallbeds, and also ensures that you have a good night's rest daily.

Our Classic Twin Vertical Bunk Beds / WallBeds are unique in their design. They can be kept easily into a cabinet, for easy storage and to maintain a cosy layout of your home. Normal bunk beds are steel, double decked, heavy and flimsy. Ours are light, elegantly designed, and easy to keep with heavy duty pistons for tip of fingers lifting. Come view and try our brand of bunk bed today in our showrooms.

 * Please check with us for available bunk bed stock. If there is none, the expected waiting time is 3-4 months for a new batch to come into Singapore.


* Strong metal structure. 

* Choose Slatted Wood or Metal mesh bases. 

* The vertical closing bunk bed features a simple, safe mechanism by means of which one or two beds can be used.

* Sturdy Structure together with ladder makes system robust and reliable. 

* Multiplies your living space with 2 bed spaces saved.

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Regular Price: $3,850.00

Special Price $3,250.00