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Classic Horizontal Wallbed (With Desk)

Classic Horizontal Wallbed (With Desk)
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Regular Price: $4,700.00

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 Classic Horizontal Wallbed (With Desk)

* This product, & our Italian WallBeds, products are fully designed, manufactured, and assembled in Italy.
Brand name: SmartBeds. By Colombo 907 of Italy.

 Our European Wallbeds/Tables are hot off the shelves, and direct from Europe. So, you can be reassured of their safety, reliability, and ease of use.

They have a 2 year warranty from our manufacturer and a 50,000 and above cycle test for each wallbed.

This meets the stringent European requirements for the safety specifications of the wallbeds, and also ensures that you have a good night's rest daily.

 * Please check with us for available stock. If there is none, the expected waiting time is 3-4 months for a new batch to come into Singapore.



 * Metal parts are in colored embossed aluminum. 

* This transformable system consists of a desk and a bed. 

* A simple movement allows for the bed to be lowered.

* Items can stay on desk even when bed is lowered. 

* Pillows can be kept inside the bed.

* Optional: Bookcase Library

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Regular Price: $4,700.00

Special Price $3,760.00