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Next Bed (Standard)

Next Bed (Standard)
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Next Bed Wall Beds Systems

We are proud to be introducing the NEXT BED™ to the market. It has the most mod-ern and efficient design the Wall-Bed busi-ness has seen yet. It is patent pending under the U.S and the International Patent System. The development of this new product is inspired by the growth of the Murphy Wallbed business and the indus-try’s need for a better designed bed system. These are the 2 fully devel-oped Wallbed designs which are distributed in high volumes in the USA and European countries. We are the Singapore dealer and distributor of a U.K based Wallbeds company selling this popular brand of Wallbeds. 

The growth of the WallBeds business in Europe and Asia strongly indi-cated that there was a need for a simple, light weight bed mechanism with reasonable prices. This newly patent pending global product that would retains many of the features of the old Murphy Bed but offer the user a vastly improved and more comfortable sleep system. The old Bedding System, the cumbersome Murphy Bed is redesigned and im-proved thoroughly. What for decades was an iron frame bolted to the floor with a flimsy mattress foundation and cheap materials now has an engineering and aesthetic make-over: Welcome NEXT BED™ the new global product.

Next Bed - With cabinets



The Next Bed unit is elegant and easy to use. Afraid of losing your wall or carpet beauty? It's base board mounted, no need to drill into wood or concrete floors, or rip off carpet. Worried about the paint being worn off? We use industrial powder paint to ensure it looks shiny for a very long time.  To ensure hassle free operation, there is automatic leg extension as the bed is lowered. The NEXT BED™ unit is constructed with Euro-Slats that provide a firm but cushioned base for a mattress of your choice, up to 12” thick.

The Next Bed system can be purchased as a complete set with cabinets.

*We offer sale of mattresses bundled with the Next Bed almost at mattress cost price. Packaged together with our Wallbed systems. Please also check out our mattress section for more details. 


* NEXT BED-Q™ Automatic Leg Extension and Folding
* Anti-Rust Galvanised Steel ensures Frames stay strong for many years
* Little force to operate with Heavy Duty Spring Mechanism
* Lightweight and Strong

 * Please check with us for available stock. If there is none, the expected waiting time is 3-4 months for a new batch to come into Singapore.

*We have 3 years waranty on the NEXT Bed (Spring and moving mechanisms)

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